Alena enjoys discussions around vegan ethics, walks through nature and creating new recipes. 2. Thank you, You’re very welcome, thanks so much for the lovely feedback! If you come across a great deal on fresh produce, stock up and freeze it. Dry legumes, for instance, can be up to 5 times cheaper than canned. You can also have a look online to get some printable coupons. Frozen fruits and vegetables are extremely convenient and often cheaper than their fresh correspondent. If you're into making smoothies, adding fruit to oatmeal, or baking with fruit, consider buying frozen fruit. Find delicious vegan recipes. Being Vegan is Budget-Friendly, Eco-Friendly and Life-Friendly When you become a vegan, you follow a lifestyle that promotes sustainable living, animal welfare and carbon footprint reduction. Sounds delicious, right? Veganism can easily be tailored to fit into most people's lives, regardless of income. Sites like The Better Health Store and iHerb are great options for getting vegan products (especially personal care items, specialty snack foods, and supplements.) Whenever you find an exceptionally good deal on fresh produce, you can stock up and freeze them as well. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Make starches your base and experiment with simple but flavorful ingredients and spices. That's awesome! In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “World Vegan Month is usually a time of celebration, however it felt more appropriate to bring to light the challenges that many of us are facing during these difficult times. You can easily enjoy the benefits of eating healthy on a reasonable budget, it just requires a little extra planning and dedication. Buy in Bulk. More so than any kitchen gadget, one of the best ways to economize on a vegan diet is to... Or Grow Your Own. Let me show you how easy it is to eat yummy plant-based meals that are fast and simple, using ingredients you can find anywhere — without breaking the bank. Prepackaged foods are often more expensive than preparing your own food from scratch. Here are a few recipes to inspire you: Foods that are grown in season not only taste better but also are a lot cheaper. Let us know in the comments below what your tips for saving money while eating healthy are. Skip the restaurant foods and make your own vegan meals at home. How to Eat Vegan On a Budget in 5 Steps Eat Exactly Like You’ve Been Eating Before, Except Vegan.. Often, the largest package will be the cheapest by weight, but don't bother if you don't need much. There are a lot of ways to cut down costs if you’re on a very tight budget, but no matter what, make sure to not deprive yourself and sacrifice your health. Make your own nut butters. Fortunately, healthy foods can be extremely cheap. Paying for a membership at a wholesaler such as Costco can be very worth it, even for a single person or small family you can still save a lot of money. Keep an eye out for mark downs as tofu can be frozen too, the texture will become a little bit chewier which is good for using tofu as a substitute for ground beef in recipes like chili or pasta. You won’t stay in your small budget for the week if you don’t write down your families meals. Even my city, which to me seems like vegan heaven, has areas which are known as food deserts , where access to affordable fruit and vegetables is severely limited. Cut down on costs by keeping your meals uncomplicated and finding creative ways to make them delicious like adding spices, including extra veggies, or mixing in hummus.

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