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Kave Consulting, LLC.(KC) Is an easement and oil and gas acquisition company that specializes in obtaining potentially abandoned easements that have started to show signs of neglect. KC targets easements that have shown abuse by the easement holder and Kave Consulting’s specialty is holding these easement holders responsible for their duties and if the situation calls for it, ejecting the easement holder due to easement abuse or abandonment.

While Kave Consulting may specialize in easement and right-of-way acquisition we actually had our start in the oil and gas industry. KC targets assets that have been abandoned and are in danger of being claimed by the State. This often times requires the location of heirs and the eventual acquisition of their fractionalized interest. This is truly one of those rare scenarios when everyone involved is a winner!

mineral rights acquisition
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  • “Kave Consulting made the process easy to understand and was incredibly helpful every step of the way. It was actually quite enjoyable to hear some of the stories that he had uncovered in his research.”

    Jefferson County, Colorado
  • “Kave Consulting and in particular Keith made things incredibly easy for me going through the sale of my easement. It was nice to finally receive some compensation for something that I have had to look at for the better part of 20 years!!”

    Clinton County, Michigan